A guide to Dark Alternative Music by 100s of Artists from Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) - links to 1000s of songs.

In particular for Post-Punk music genres such as Australian Gothic, Industrial, DarkWave, EBM, Dark New-Wave, Electro/Synth/Cyber-Punk/Goth/Rock/Pop, Dark Alternative Indie Rock & Electronica & so on.*

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Feature Interviews - Jan-2017: IKON
[ post punk darkwave gothic rock neo folk ]

IKON Australian Band from Melbourne Australia interview post-punk dark gothic rock neo folk elektro goth future pop Music Group Project Musicians Artist Image Images Photos Photo Pictures

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ANZ bands were at the forefront of defining these genres* in the 70s & 80s. Some have become the most enduring & prolific artists, producing continuously through to the present time; some artists have become international icons; some bands transitioned in order to achieve commercial chart success & thereby survive (which meant many people are not aware of their earlier, darker, more experimental music); while many other groups adhered to the punk ethos of remaining independent, DIY & underground.

Youtube Playlist

This playlist by DJ Robot Citizen features 200+ songs by dozens of artists, past & present, spanning these various genres - Australian Gothic Industrial Post Punk Dark Alternative New Wave Indie Goth Rock & Electronic Music Scene Bands - barely scratching the surface! You'll find thousands more songs in the playlists on the respective Artist Profile and Links pages.

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Footnote: * In more detail, the scope of music covered on this site includes: industrial, gothic, electro-industrial, goth rock, darkwave, death-rock, new romantic, electronic body music (EBM), industrial-rock, metal-industrial, dark electro, dark electronica, elektro, (darker) synthpop, dark alternative pop/rock, noise-rock, pre-punk '70s glam-rock (being a precursor prime influence), (darker) new-wave rock, no-wave, electro-rock, electro-punk, synth-punk, cyber-goth, cyber-punk, dance-punk, horror-punk, power-noise, witch-house, glitch-hop, dark electronic dance music (EDM), drag, dark ambient, musique concrete, avant garde, coldwave, chill-wave, breakcore, digital hardcore (DHC), darkcore, hellectro, techno-punk, aggrotech, darkstep & so on... bands, artists, groups, producers, projects ... ;-)

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Feature Album:
"S.I.N.G.E.D. Volume 2"

Compilation of: SynthWave Industrial Noise Gothic Electro Darkwave - 20 Dark Alternative Music Bands from Australia & New Zealand.

Available as a FREE DOWNLOAD in CD quality audio on BandCamp.

The album was produced by www.BlatantPropaganda.org
It is a sequel to the CD release titled A.S.I.N.G.E.D. - Australian Synthpop Industrial Noise Gothic Electronica Darkwave - also available as a free download; many of the tracks were played on radio shows across the nation & internationally; some were featured on the popular national Triple J (JJJ) radio station; some were often played in nightclubs.